The Lego Pharoh's Quest Online game titled "Curse of the Pharoh" is an online Game based on the Lego Pharoh's quest sets. It came out in 2011 and ios Playible on the Lego Pharoh's Quest website on

There are six levels in the game, that are each based off one of the six Lego Pharoh's Quest sets.In the Game you play as the main character of the whole Pharoh's Quest sereis, Jake Raines.You are equipped with a pistol and you go around each level trying to get each of the treasures which are in the following order: The Goldon Crystal,The Goldon Staff, The Goldon Scarab Sheild, The Soul Diamond, The Goldon Sword, and The Goldon Nemes. (note that the Goldon Scarab Sheild and the Soul Diamond are out of order in Curse of the Pharoh) . In each level there are common enimes (which are usually Mummy Warriors) and a boss. After you defeat a level as well as it's boss, you obtain the treasure and move on to the next level (with the exception of the last level).Once you beat the last level you have won the game.

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