The Lego Pharoh's Quest 7327 Scorpian Pyramid is a Lego pharoh's set that came out in early 2011.It is one of the first Lego Pharoh's Quest Sets. The Description on Lego Pharoh's Quest Says

"Find the final golden treasure before the Pharoh awakens!

In the Pharoh's Quest game, the sixth and final level is based off this set. Onece fully built, you have the Pyramid, the Giant Scorpian and the hereos car. It in cludes the following Minifigures: Jack Raines, Mac McCloud, Professer Hale, The Pharoh,a Flying Mummy and 2 Anubis Guards.It also includes snakes. Once you Build it you control the Heroes and try to capture The Pharoh's Headdress, the last Treasure. The Scorpians Pyramid has Many Sliding doors and booby traps that you can build and has the Pharoh's Tomb. The rating it got on is 4.8 out of 5

This Item is currently not Available on The Lego Online Shop, but is avalible at the Lego Store store and other Retails.This Item is a copyright of Lego and some info was gathered from the Lego Pharoh's Quest Website on

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